Mikayla LeAnn

I Am More Than My Bruises


This assignment for my college watercolor course allowed for an open subject. The only requirement was that it needed to be a small scale watercolor piece. Through doing this, I found that I quite enjoy smaller watercolor pieces rather than larger ones.

I found that a topic on my mind due to research into other projects such as the “I’m An Ally” project, lead me to focus on the idea of raising awareness for victims of domestic violence. Often as a victim, you are seen through the view of what happened to you rather than what you are.

Victims are vulnerable, fragile, and hurting but yet are so strong. And they are way more than what happens to them. It is a matter of looking beyond the bruises to see them for them, not see what their abusers do to them. The societal shame placed on victims for what others do to them should not exist. That shame should be placed on the abuser and not the victim.

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