Graphic Design

Mikayla LeAnn

I'm an Ally


This is going to be a collection of infographics aimed to inform people how to help others when they are in certain situations. I have heard the most often explanation for why someone does not help, or why they are counterproductive with their help is because they do not know how to.

Whether it is helping someone who as recently been sexually assaulted, someone who is being bullied, someone who is in a domestic violence situation, someone who is suicidal, or simply understanding and helping someone who is depressed, there are certain things you should and should not do in relation to the matter.

I aim to make simple to use and share post cards containing what you can do to help. Additionally, there is a website that you can visit below but it is still a work in progress. A lot of times, individuals in these situations do not know what it is that they need or how to ask for it. Providing tools to help you start the process of helping will help them through their situation.

I also will make stickers and pins to showcase that you support people in these situations. Half of the proceeds will be donated to related charities to whichever one you chose (i.e. ally to victims of sexual assault proceeds will be donated to RAINN, ally to those who are suicidal will be donated to the National Suicide Hotline, etc.). Many of these organizations are underfunded and struggle to support everyone. I hope to be able to help slightly.

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