Commission Terms of Service

Rules and Guidelines for Commissioning me

Rules and Guidelines for Commissioning Me

Main Information

I do reserve the right to not do a commission that I am not comfortable with or work with someone who harasses me. I provide guidelines below of what I will and will not do below in order to simplify whether I would be willing to work on your project. I also provide guidelines about how you may use my work and my system for payment.
Thank you for looking through and reviewing it as well as complying with it. If you do anything that goes against these rules, I do reserve a right to terminate your commission.

What I Will Draw:

  • Females
  • Males
  • Anyone on the LGBTQ+ Spectrum
  • Fan Art
  • Original Characters (Minimum of 3 reference images)
  • Backgrounds
  • Nudity (Non-Sexual)
  • Furries or Anthropomorphic Characters

What I Won't Draw:

  • Gore (I am willing to negotiate depending on content)
  • Sexual Content, NSFW
  • Any offensive content
  • Fetishes (for example, the content often found on dA now).

Commercial Use or Ownership

As the artist of the commission, I still reserve the right to the work. I permit some usage of the work and other work would require more in depth discussion.

How you CAN use it:

  • For your personal use (i.e. hanging it up in your room)
  • You are allowed to post it on social media as long as you provide credit.
  • You can use it as an icon, profile picture, banner, etc. as long as credit is given.

How you CANNOT use it:

  • Commercial Use (This must be discussed before hand for this usage, with an exception of the stickers - see below).
  • Do not claim to be the creator.
  • Do not remove my signature on the work.

STICKERS: With printing through me, I try to keep them as cheap as possible while allowing for commercial usage. If you would like to be able to take the design and print it with someone else, then that is an additional cost that must be discussed as external commercial use cost.

Payment Rules

  • I use Paypal to handle all my payments unless it is an In-person transaction.
  • Most payments are required in full, up front unless I indicate otherwise (I will not start the commission until the payment is received).
  • If the payment is not received within 48 hours of the request or when the invoice was sent then the commission will be terminated.
  • There are no refunds.


I do my best to get the commissions to you as fast as possible. However, I am a full time student and working full time as well, and life as well as health can get in the way. Should I ever have a situation where I am unable to fulfill your commission, I will give you a complete refund and my dearest apologies. I roughly estimate that I should finish commissions within 3 weeks.

If you have a deadline, please tell me in the initial email. If I am unable to reach that deadline, I will let you know immediately and will possibly decline the commission. I will do my best to meet a deadline if you present one.

Once the commission is complete and I receive final approval, they will be either shipped through USPS or sent to you through email. I cannot control shipping time unless you request more expensive, faster shipping. I simply ask that you consider that if you have a deadline.

© Copyright Mikayla LeAnn: All images and artwork present solely belong to Mikayla LeAnn A.K.A. IncognitoArtist. You are not permitted to use, repost without credit, or trace this work and claim it as your own.